Dr Darshi Shah

Head at Andheri Branch

Dr Darshi Shah

The Proffessional
With Smile enhancement and Restorative Endodontic Treatments as her most honed skills, she spends all her efforts to ensure the patients take home with them a comfortable and fearless dental experience. She is commited to treat the little humans with her patience and love towards them. She is also a certified orthodontist who puts teeth into their own place, quite literally. She excells in aesthetic crown restorations, teeth whitening & Prosthetic Rehabilitations.

Qualification :


Doctor’s Services

Root Canal Treatment

Crowns and Bridges

Tooth Whitening

Teeth Cleaning

Pediatric Dentistry

Fixed Orthodontics

Complete and partial Dentures

Cavity Composite fillings

Aesthetic diastema closure

Night guard and Sport guard fabrication

Denture repair and relining

Tooth Jewellery

Dedicated Expertise in Dental Care

Certificate of Dr Darshi Shah

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